ReMedium 50ml Body Filler

ReMedium 50 

Body Filler contains ZERO impurities.
This is a 100% pure product with hyaluronic acid, which is very easy to use and manufactured with
modern technology. Thanks to this patients could achieve the desired results.

ReMedium 50

Body is a filler with a large capacity of 50 ml, which can be used for the whole body,
but specifically for hips, buttocks, breasts, elbows, knees, calves, male and female intimate areas.

It is an optimal body filler made in Korea that provides enlargement of desired body parts,
improves skin elasticity and maintains volume for a long time using formation of a three-dimensional contour.

ReMedium 50 

Body filler that perfectly structures the body, has high elasticity and strong adhesive force,
which allows to achieve excellent results, incomparable with competitive brands.

Thanks to the Monophasic method and high particle density,
our filler creates perfect volume and elasticity in the skin.

Forms a natural shape and has a long-lasting effect.

Gives you a NATURAL effect and is very easy to use.

Contains 24 mg/cc Hyaluronic Acid, which is significantly
more than other fillers. Safe and contains no impurities.

Method of drawing filler out of the vial

After removing the aluminum cap and
rubber stopper, insert a 10 ml syringe into the vial.

Turn the vial upside down and begin to
remove the filler with a syringe.

Usually other fillers are more liquid, so you can extract them with a 21 gauge needle.
But not the ReMedium 50 Body filler
since the consistency of our filler is viscous,
which allows it to form three-dimensional contours for you!