ReMedium Meso Threads


2019 Newly Developing Cavern Line

Possible to combine suture and filler procedure by using B-type
filler needle.

Same structure with F-Cavern which can be used exclusively near tear trough (eye bag).

Applied compression spring structure, lifting nasal tip by elasticity of form-memory.

– Using filler needle
– Launching new products ( l-cavern, F-cavern, etc. ) this year
– ‘Taps KO Tanxing cavern (Running Seminar with established caverns since Jam 2019)

Existing nose procedures use too many sutures and have side effect of sticking out. Taps KO Tanxing cavern is developed to prevent these problems. Taps KO Tanxing cavern doesn’t stick out after procedure and can have great lifting effect finacially by using just 2-3 caverns.

– It can keeps not keep own tunnel shape even after inserting
– Powerful volume-up
– In & outside tunnel shape collagen formatian Yonsei University  Immunohistopathology Laboratory. Biomedical Laboratory Sciencel
– No need to rotate inserting
– Filling sunken cheeks

It stretches out 20-60cm, It has great elasticity effect. Its shape makes much more collagen formation and volume and contouring effect.

As It has a wide contact surface with actual length. Collagen is formed in & outside of a spring Shape. which gives long lasting effect.

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