ReMedium Full

ReMedium Full is a revolutionary non-surgical body filler designed to restore volume to the body areas like breasts,
lower legs and buttocks without the need for invasive procedures. It is also efficient in combating cellulite and uneven
skin surface due to liposuction procedures
With its advanced formulation containing hyaluronic acid created using the proprietary
cross-linking technology and dialysis process and pre-filled syringe,
ReMedium Full offers exceptional results for safe & easy body contouring and wrinkle reduction

Advantages of the component

  • Hydrates Skin: Acts as a humectant, ensuring skin remains well-hydrated
  • Enhances Volume: Adds structure and volume for seamless contours
  • Repairs Moisture Barriers: Vital for preventing water loss, preserving a robust barrier
  • Revitalizes Skin: Addresses imperfections from surgeries and injuries
  • Fortifies Skin Tissues: Strengthens collagen for elasticity and resilience

The Indications for body contour

ReMedium Full is tailored for advanced body sculpting and volumetric soft tissue augmentation,
addressing various cosmetic needs such as:

  • Reshaping and resizing the breasts
  • Enhancing buttocks volume and rectifying asymmetry
  • Correcting asymmetry in the legs
  • Replenishing and aligning soft tissues post-volumetric liposuction
  • Smoothing skin surface irregularities resulting from surgical procedures like liposuction

Product Safety

Maximized product safety is ensured in ReMedium Full through its manufacturing process, which utilizes modern biotechnological methods to uphold high quality and purity standards, resultingin a low BDDE residue content with no side effects. This is achieved through an extensive 8-day washing process, surpassing the frequency of 1-2 times per day conducted by other companies, thereby minimizing residual rates of unreacted BDDE and other residues.