ReMedium Fat Dissolving

Serum for the Slim

This is a liquid solution which is used in renewal
of your local fatty volume and for people
which have excessive fat due to aging and high fat diet.
Slim line is formed as making your skin look
firm and smooth.

TYPE : Liquid
VOLUME : 10ml x 5 vials

EXPIRY DATE : 2 years from date of manufacture
(This is single use. Use all after opening

STORAGE : Store at room temperature
APPLICATION PART : Chin, Abdomen, Love handles, Upper arms, Thigh

LipoRem Information

Treatment Area

Treatment Method

Shake LipoReM vials
well to mix the deposited
particles on the
bottom and open the
plastic cap.

Insert the needle into
the rubber top of the
vial, pull back the
plunger to the line on
your syringe for your dose.

Remove the needle
from the vial. The
medicine is ready to
be injected into the
treatment area.

Before & After

Double Chin Treatment


  • Avoid stimulation, make-up or cleansing on treatment area for 6 hours after treatment and gently cleanse on the day of treatment.
  • Effect of treatment will appear within 1 week after treatment.
    Occasionally, people with large or thick layer of fat may experience slower effect within about 1 or 2 weeks.
  •  It is recommended to avoid intense sports, sauna, drinking and smoking for about 1 week after treatment (Alcohol may interrupt breakdown of fat that the effect of treatment may be insignificant or none).
  • Normally, there are no side-effects after the treatment but occasionally, treatment area may be slightly swollen or bruised.
  • Depending on physical constitution, allergic reactions may occur.
  • Product includes small amount of steroids that irregular menstruation may occur for women.
  • As the results of treatment may vary depending on individuals, additional treatments of 1 to 3 times may occur for face and 3 to 5 times for body.
  • It is recommended to have additional treatments with 4 weeks interval.
  • Prescribed antibiotic medicines help reducing swelling and allergic reactions and are recommended to take.
  • After body treatment, It is advised either to massage with oil or frequently apply body lotion to the treatment area, as skin may be dry during the hours of that breakdown